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Last week myself and my fellow Reacher’s, Dolo and Chizzy, made our way down to Austin, TX for the infamous SXSW film and music convention.  After a rocky start with airline issues we finally made it down to the Lone Star State and we were not disappointed.  This city was filled with people, young/old and from all different musical backgrounds.  They, including ourselves, were there for one thing, the music showcases.  We met with so many DJ’s from across the country including Canada.  We also caught up with some old Friends KU (Tampa), Roial1 (LA), Steve1der, and Jayceeoh.  And met some new cool folks like A-Rock (Orlando), Wrex (LA),  Serafin, The Freshest Crew (Vancouver), Mel De Barge (NY), ILLO, MOS,  Hedspin (Vancouver), Bonix (PA), RiskOne (SF), Johnny J & Ebonix (Houston), Mighty Mike (Austin), Spider (LA), Bounz, Earwaxxx (LV), Chris Daus at Six Lounge,  and many more…

SXSW was a success and after listening to possibly to the best DJ’s around I can only leave feeling insprired and fortunate to be doing something I truely love. 

I will be posting a video including some pictures from our trip.

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